The Oak Tree Venture Capital Company (TOTVCC) is a first-to-market tax deductible investment vehicle achieving returns and transformative growth through a pure-profits-driven approach.

TOTVCC is the first black-owned S12J Venture Capital Company in South Africa that invests in innovative entrepreneurial companies while offering a full tax deduction to investors. Joined by a JSE-listed group of companies, Hassen Adams, an award-winning entrepreneur and JSE-company-chairman, is TOTVCC’s cornerstone investor. In meeting government’s development agenda, the majority black ownership in the fund means that an investment from TOTVCC increases investee BBBEE scorecards, unlocking corporate and government revenue streams.

The management team boasts unique entrepreneurial experience as well as the technical expertise to build and scale private companies from start-up to listing. Global networks and recognition on the world stage in business forums are centered on a drive for economic growth on the foundation of South African companies with international-market strategies.

An exclusive pipeline of technology and innovation investees has been lined up at attractive buy-in prices. Access to multiple incubators and professional services firms guarantee future pipeline growth for South Africa’s next generation of business leaders, rewarding investors and driving development.